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Receiving Faxes; Receiving A Fax - Sharp MX-M202D Operation Manual

Facsimile expansion kit
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When another fax machine sends a fax to your machine, your machine will ring*, automatically receive the fax, and
begin printing. (This is called automatic reception.)
If you do not wish to have received faxes printed immediately, use the print hold function to hold received faxes in
memory for printing at your convenience (all received faxes will be printed at once). To enable this function and print
received faxes, see "FAX PRINT HOLD FUNCTION" on page 29.
• You can store a transmission job while fax reception is in progress. (See "Storing transmission jobs (memory
transmission)" on page 23.)
• To print received fax pages on both sides of the paper, enable "DUPLEX RECEPTION" (page 109) in the
system settings.
• If a extension phone is not connected to the machine, use automatic reception.
• In order to receive faxes, paper must be loaded in the paper tray. See "LOADING PAPER" in the Operation
Guide for the machine to load appropriate paper. Incoming faxes will be automatically adjusted to the
orientation of the printing paper, so there is no need to load both horizontally (
paper. However, when a fax smaller than A4 (8-1/2" x 11") is received, the size of paper used to print the fax
will differ depending on the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the original in the sending machine.


The machine will ring* and reception
will automatically begin.
The LINE indicator lights up.
*Number of rings
The machine has been set to ring twice before
beginning automatic reception. You can change the
number of rings to any number from 0 to 9 in the
system settings. (See "#OF RINGS AT. RX" on
page 108.)
If the number of rings is set to 0, the machine will
receive faxes without ringing.
Earlier output of received data
If a fax cannot be printed because the machine is out of the appropriate paper and another fax is subsequently
received that can be printed, the subsequently received fax will be printed before the fax that cannot be printed.
This also happens when there are several faxes in memory that cannot be printed.
This function can be disabled in the system settings. (See "EARLIER OUTPUT" on page 110.)
) and vertically ( ) oriented
Reception ends.
• When reception ends, the
machine sounds a beep.
• When the optional job
separator tray kit is installed,
received faxes are output to
the job separator.
The job separator has a sensor that detects
when a tray is full. When approximately 100
sheets accumulate in a tray, a message
appears in the display and fax printing stops.
If this happens, remove the sheets. Printing
will resume momentarily.



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