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Ips Manager Operator Commands - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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IPS Manager operator commands

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
Continuous form emulation: When On, the DocuSP rotates the
DocuSP IPDS output as though it were to be printed on a continuous
form system. For example, letter size pages are rotated for short
edge feed.
If the same application is printed on an IBM 3800 printer, which is a
continuous form printer, and a DocuSP IPDS printer, which is a cut
sheet printer, the output may print in the wrong orientation or extend
off the edge of the page. The page orientation of the IBM 3800
printer is different than most other cut sheet IPDS printers.
For DocuSP IPDS printers and most other cut sheet
printer, the origin is at the top left corner of a portrait
♦ For IBM 3800 printers, the origin is at the top left corner of
the leading edge of the paper.
Output queue: Allows you to select the name of the DocuSP printer
queue to be used to process IPDS jobs. The queue must be a
streaming queue. The DocuSP IPS Manager prevents the DocuSP
IPDS server function from initiating a host connection until a valid
streaming queue is selected.
NOTE: Setting overrides for queue attributes that affect the count
of stacked pages may impact correct job recovery. It is important
to avoid sending IPDS jobs to queues with overrides set for
Quantity, Collation, Plex, Pages to Print, Slip Sheets, and
Modulus. Other queue overrides such as Media and Output
Location should also be avoided.
The following operator commands are available while the IPS
Manager is open:
Go Online/Go Offline: This command toggles between the online and
offline modes. The IPS Manager does not go online until requested
to do so. This command is only relevant when the Channel has been
selected as the host interface on the System Configuration dialog.
This command is disabled when TCP/IP is the selected host
Stop/Continue: This command toggles the stop and continue modes.
When stop is selected, the IPDS function presents a not ready
condition to the host and all committed pages from the IPDS host
stop printing. Continue presents a ready condition and printing
Cancel Incoming Job: Tells the host to cancel a job. IPDS jobs
cannot be unilaterally cancelled or deleted from the DocuSP Job
Manager since cancellation or deletion of an in-progress IPDS job
without coordinating the cancellation with the host causes problems
in a DocuSP IPDS AFP printing environment. Using the Cancel
Incoming Job ensures that DocuSP sends a cancel exception to the
host and correctly coordinates the job cancellation with the host.
Using DocuSP IPDS


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