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Tray/Bin Mapping Functions - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Using DocuSP IPDS

Tray/Bin Mapping functions

When Cancel Incoming Job is selected, a cancel exception is sent to
the host for all processing jobs. The processing stops on all received
pages up to the pages which have been committed. All pages that
have completed processing are considered committed, and print as
The DocuSP IPS Manager enables you to map the DocuSP physical
trays to IPDS virtual printer trays recognized by the IBM host. The
contents of the virtual IPDS trays are reported to the host.
Map IPDS Trays to Stock: Designates which stocks belong in the
virtual trays recognized by the host. The Trays column indicates
each physical tray that calls for the same stock name required by the
virtual tray. The sides imaged selection indicates which sides imaged
selections are supported by the virtual tray.
Select Stock for Printer Trays: Allows you to select a stock name for
each of the DocuSP physical trays based on the named stocks in the
DocuSP stock library.
Refresh: Select the Refresh button after making changes to the stock
library or assigning stocks to physical trays to allow the stock
information to display properly.
View Stock Properties: Allows you to review the properties assigned
to each stock.
Map IPDS Bins to Stackers: Designates which of the 5 virtual bins
maps to the DocuSP physical stackers.
Host Specified Stacking/Printer Specified Stacking: Maps the virtual
bins requested by the host to the specific physical stackers on the
Printer Specified Stacking: moves all virtual bins to be mapped to
automatic stacking. Automatic stacking directs the system to output
to a suitable stacker. If Unload While Run is supported by the printer,
Automatic Stacking allows you to unload one bin while the printer
continues to deliver sheets to another bin.
Stock mappings can be stored and retrieved as needed as part of job
setup files. Saving and retrieving stock mappings using job setup files
can reduce the time required to set the printing for a job, especially for
complex stock mappings. Follow the procedures in the IPDS on-line help
for saving and retrieving job settings.
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