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Introduction; Overview - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide

1 Introduction

The DocuSP IPDS User Guide describes the DocuSP Intelligent Print
Data Stream support. IPDS is a print data stream defined by IBM.
This guide describes various system menus, installation and setup
routines, operator commands for running print jobs, system supported
environments, font management, host connectivity, and diagnostic
trace capabilities.
NOTE: DocuSP IPDS requires a software license. If your system does
not have the DocuSP IPDS license, you will not see any of the
DocuSP IPDS dialogues and the DocuSP IPS Manager menu will not
appear in the system menu. Contact your Customer Service Engineer
(CSE) in order to obtain an IPDS software license.
The primary audience for this document is the system administrator or
the individual(s) responsible for managing the print production
Intelligent Print Data Stream (IPDS) is a sequence of information
transmitted by an IBM host computer as directed by the Print Service
Facility (PSF). In addition to delivering print information, the IPDS data
stream performs printer control functions and shares job status
The DocuSP IPDS gateway is configured by means of a Graphical
User Interface (GUI), featuring drop-down menus, tabs, and icons
from which to manage the DocuSP IPDS functions. DocuSP IPDS
supports the TCP/IP and online channel interfaces.


Table of Contents

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