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User Access Levels; Licensing Requirements - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Installation and setup

User access levels

Licensing requirements

Three user levels are available to access DocuSP IPDS, each with its
own level of feature access. The access to the DocuSP IPDS is
controlled from the DocuSP logon level.
User: The User has limited access rights to DocuSP IPDS. This is the
access level assigned when DocuSP IPDS is first started.
The Walk Up User can do the following:
Modify and apply settings in the Job Settings and Tray/Bin Mappings
tabs, and the System Configuration window.
Load a saved job setup file through the File, Load Settings menu
Select Go Online and Go Offline.
Select Stop or Continue.
Cancel an incoming job
Operator: The Operator requires a password and can perform the
same functions as the User. Additionally, the Operator can:
Change and save the current settings in a job setup file through the
File, Save Settings menu option.
Delete a saved job setup file.
System Administrator: The system administrator requires a
password and can perform the same functions as the Operator.
Additionally, the system administrator can:
Capture or replay a Trace file.
Load, print, or delete resident fonts.
The DocuSP IPDS feature must be licensed in order for it to function.
Licenses are provided by your local Xerox representative prior to
installation. The license string and expiration date for each are
entered immediately following the software installation by the Xerox
service representative.
Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide


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