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Defining The Docusp Ipds Queue; Managing The Print Queue - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Defining the DocuSP IPDS queue

Managing the print queue

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
A queue specifically for processing the IPDS data must be created on
the DocuSP. The queue must be defined as a streaming queue.
Refer to the DocuSP on-line help for details on creating a streaming
Although DocuSP supports spooling jobs, as well as streaming for
other Printer Defined Languages (PDLs), only streaming is supported
for IPDS. You must select a streaming printer queue in the IPS
Manager to be used for IPDS printing. A streaming queue processes
and prints pages as they are received, which results in minimal delay
between the time the job is submitted and when printing begins.
Streaming is more reliable for IPDS job recovery.
Only one streaming queue can be active on the DocuSP at a given
time. If a user attempts to submit an IPDS job while another streaming
job is processing, DocuSP tries to start the job at periodic intervals.
The retry attempts continue until the other job completes. The
DocuSP UI does not indicate that retries are in progress or that a new
IPDS job is waiting to print. If a non-IPDS spooling job is in progress
when an IPDS job is received, the IPDS job starts processing
automatically once all previously queued spooled jobs are complete.
The DocuSP IPDS data streams processed by the IPS Manager are
sent to the IPDS print queue. Use the Queue Manager to view and
manage the queue properties applied to jobs. The IPDS tab on the
Queue Manager dialog may be used to set the resolution of the print
data supplied to the print engine. Values of 300 or 600 dpi may be
While you may want to dedicate a queue to IPDS, the queue may still
be used for other PDLs, subject to the rules of DocuSP job and queue
management. The PDL Format must not be set to override for any
PDL other than IPDS for a queue that is used to print IPDS jobs.
Note that a number of DocuSP queue properties can affect the
attributes of the printed job. The IBM host keeps close track of the
number of pages submitted to the DocuSP. However, certain DocuSP
queue properties can affect the number of sheets actually printed. In
addition, changing the attributes of the job could cause IPDS data to
print incorrectly. Setting queue defaults for such properties does not
interfere with the values selected by the DocuSP IPS Manager.
However, overrides for the following queue properties must be
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Pages to Print
Installation and setup


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