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Defining A Logical Printer; Verifying The Installation - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Defining a logical printer

Verifying the installation

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
Before using DocuSP IPDS to process IPDS data streams, the host
must have a logical printer defined for DocuSP IPDS with the
following requirements:
For TCP/IP connectivity, the Internet Protocol (IP) address and port
number of the logical printer must match the IP address and port
number of the printer. Valid values are 5001 through 65535.
For channel connectivity, the unit address specified for the host
printer definition must be a unique value and must match the unit
address specified on the DocuSP IPS Manager.
For MVS, the logical printer must be defined as an AFP-type device.
TCP/IP and channel connectivity can be established in the IPS
Manager System pull-down menu, System Configuration dialog box.
The following steps should be completed for a successful installation
of the DocuSP IPDS software, and proper queue and printer setup:
Ensure that the IPDS Interpreter license file has been loaded, and
that IPDS is active and enabled in the DocuSP Feature Manager.
Install the IPS Manager software. The Xerox Service Representative
performs this task.
Ensure a streaming print queue is defined on the DocuSP for your
system. You can view this queue by using the DocuSP Queue
Manager. This print queue initially has an Accept value of Yes and a
Release value of Yes.
Ensure that no overrides are set on the queue for any of the
properties defined earlier in this section.
To verify that the installation and initial setup are successful, print
both a host job and either the US Letter or the A4 sample job. If both
print successfully, installation verification is complete.
In addition, if you installed the IBM AFP resident outline fonts, print
the scfont.trc sample job to verify that the fonts were loaded correctly.
Installation and setup


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