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Printing A Trace Job Within Docusp Ips Manager; Printing A Test Job From The Host - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Installation and setup

Printing a trace job within DocuSP IPS Manager

Printing a test job from the host

During the installation process, three sample DocuSP IPDS trace jobs
are provided. These jobs can be used to either verify printer
operability after the DocuSP IPDS software is installed or for
diagnostic purposes:
afptrace.let — prints a sample IPDS job formatted for US Letter paper
afptrace.a4— prints a sample IPDS job formatted for A4 paper
scfont.trc— prints a sample IPDS job using resident outline fonts
formatted for either US Letter or A4 paper.
In order for the trace scfont.trc to print correctly, the IBM AFP fonts
must be loaded on the printer and Enhanced Font Support must be
NOTE: These jobs test only DocuSP IPDS processing on the printer.
The trace files are set up to use the installation default parameters. If
you plan to run the A4 trace instead of the US Letter trace, change the
Media Definition for the DocuSP IPDS Tray 1 from US Letter to A4. In
DocuSP IPDS, you must map a medium to each DocuSP IPDS tray
specified in the IPDS data stream.
For the installation verification jobs, use US Letter or A4 media. Refer to
the DocuSP IPDS on-line help for the specific procedures.
To verify host-to-printer communications, perform these steps to print
a test job from the host:
Step 1. Ensure DocuSP IPDS is running and is reporting a status of
DocuSP IPDS Idle.
Step 2. Start the logical printer from the host and verify that it is
Step 3. Send an IPDS print data stream from the host to the DocuSP
Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide


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