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Printers; Printer Model Selection; Host Environments; Host Connectivity Options - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Printer model selection

Host environments

Host connectivity options

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
The following DocuSP-based printers are able to print IPDS jobs
received from IBM host computers:
DocuTech 61xx production printers
DocuTech 128/155/180 HighLight Color
DocuPrint 1xx EPS
Nuvera 100/120
The DocuSP IPDS support allows a DocuSP system to be defined to
the host as one of the following Advanced Function Printers: 3812,
3825, 3827, or 3935.
DocuSP IPDS operates in these IBM PSF operating system
AIX with InfoPrint Manager
OS/400 with PSF/400 (TCP/IP connectivity only)
MVS with PSF
DocuSP IPDS can receive data from a host in one of two ways:
Through a channel card with bus and tag connectivity
Through a TCP/IP interface using Ethernet or Token Ring
If you require host connectivity using either a channel or Token Ring
interface, contact your local Xerox representative to obtain the
additional hardware.


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