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Using Docusp Ipds; Logging On To The Ips Manager; Ips Manager Screens And Options - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Logging on to the IPS Manager

IPS Manager screens and options

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide

3 Using DocuSP IPDS

This chapter describes how to access the DocuSP IPS Manager to
set and manage the IPDS parameters.
For more details and specific procedures, refer to the DocuSP IPS
Manager on-line help.
Logging on as a specific user type allows you to access particular
features that the walk up User cannot access. Before you log on,
know your user access level and the password.
Log on to DocuSP in order to access the IPS Manager at the
necessary logon level.
NOTE: You must be logged on as Operator or System Administrator
to access the system menu options.
The IPS Manager screen is the main system screen for IPDS support.
It is the entry point to all other screens used in IPDS data stream
The IPS Manager dialog options allow you to enter the settings used
by DocuSP IPDS to compose the pages specified by the IPDS data
stream. DocuSP retains all parameter values on the printer controller
during shutdown and restores the settings the next time you start the
IPDS system.
The values that you specify remain in effect until you change them. If
you change these values to process a specific IPDS data stream,
make sure you restore the values to the original settings once your job
completes. Otherwise, all subsequent IPDS data streams may be
processed incorrectly.
NOTE: In order to change the options, you must be logged on as
either an Operator or System Administrator to save the changes.
After changing the settings on any tab, click Apply before changing
tabs in order to save your settings.


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