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Loading Ibm Afp Resident Outline Fonts; Enhanced Font Support - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Loading IBM AFP resident outline fonts

Enhanced font support

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
DocuSP IPDS provides the ability to load and use printer-resident
AFP scalable outline fonts. These fonts are loaded from the IBM AFP
font collection CD, which is purchased separately. The AFP font
collection product number for AIX and OS/2 is 5648-B45.
NOTE: The AFP font collection product number for AIX and OS/2
changed from 5648-113 to 5648-B45. DocuSP IPDS supports both of
these product numbers and both CDs contain the correct set of fonts.
Fonts are converted for use with IPDS jobs and stored on the printer
when the fonts are loaded. Although the fonts reside on the printer,
they cannot be viewed using the DocuSP Font Manager. They can be
viewed using the Manage Fonts capability on the IPS Manager. A
sample job is provided to verify that the resident outline font support is
properly installed on the printer controller. To add or remove the fonts,
refer to the DocuSP IPS Manager on-line help.
A default resident outline font is provided for instances where the
requested AFP font is not resident or the default is specifically
requested. This default font cannot be changed. Enhanced font
support can be enabled for host environments that expect resident
outline font substitution for raster fonts.
The Enhanced Font Support feature is an extension of the printer-
resident outline font support in DocuSP IPDS. Most hosts download
required raster fonts. This feature is most beneficial when using the
OS/400 (iSeries) host environment with resident outline fonts. The
OS/400 expects resident outline font support to include all font types
and expects the printer to resolve font substitution requirements. No
distinction is made between raster font and outline font requests. This
feature may also be beneficial to other host environments for solving
font errors.
Use the following information to decide whether or not to disable the
Enhanced Font Support feature:
Enabled — When enhanced font support is enabled, if the host
requests a raster font, DocuSP IPDS substitutes an equivalent
resident outline font if one is available. If the host requests a font for
which there is no resident outline font match or equivalent, the default
resident outline font is used.
Disabled — When enhanced font support is disabled, no font
substitution occurs. Requests for fonts that are resident are honored,
and all other fonts will be downloaded by the host. The default
resident outline font is used only when explicitly requested by the
Installation and setup


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