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Features; Docusp Support For The Ipds Data Stream - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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DocuSP support for the IPDS data stream

DocuSP IPDS supports all AFP (Advanced Function Presentation)
resources such as print data sets, page definitions, form definitions,
page segments, fonts, and overlays supported by the emulated
printer. Additionally, there are several IBM data architectures within
the AFP environment that are fully supported by DocuSP IPDS:
MO: DCA-P: Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for
PTOCA PT1 and PT2: Presentation Text Object Content Architecture
IOCA: Image Object Content Architecture
GOCA: Graphics Object Content Architecture
BCOCA: Bar Code Object Content Architecture
Each of the data objects follow the same object rule of containing
delimited fields within the structure fields describing each object.
IPDS commands within the data stream enable the system to control
the media-handling capabilities of the printer and other operations
dealing with paper. The commands also provide the means for
managing the downloading of fonts and stored objects, such as
overlays and page segments that are required to print an application.
The following data types are supported:
Text data
Font data
IM image data
IOCA image data
Graphics data
Bar code data
DocuSP IPDS printing systems support the following DocuSP IPDS
related features and capabilities:
DocuSP IPDS constructs and PDL commands.
DocuSP IPDS provides the ability to:
Print the standard IBM IPDS data stream.
Properly image all IPDS-required print resources and fonts.
Recognize and process all required DocuSP IPDS commands from
the IBM channel and AFP software.
Refer to the tables in Chapter 4 for comparisons between the DocuSP
Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide


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