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Saving The Job Settings - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Saving the job settings

Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide
Define the physical tray stock setup
1. Set the stock definitions for each physical tray in the DocuSP
Printer Manager.
2. Set the stocks in the Select Stocks for Printer Trays in the
Tray/Bin Mappings tab in the IPS Manager to correspond to the
stocks required for the job. The Stock Loaded column indicates
whether the stock is loaded or not. If the stock is not loaded,
examine the stock settings in the DocuSP Printer Manager.
Map virtual trays for loaded stock
1. Set the stock name for each required Virtual Tray in the Map IPDS
Trays to Stock dialog to the stock required for the job. Note that
many jobs may not use all of the available virtual trays.
2. Ensure that one or more physical trays are mapped to the virtual
tray required for the job. Select the Refresh button.
3. When the Map IPDS Trays to Stock and the Select Stock for
Printer Trays dialogs show all required mappings and loaded
stocks, the mapping is complete.
Users may save the current settings on the Job Settings and Tray/Bin
Mappings tab to a job setup file. The job setup file can then be
retrieved and loaded, populating the tabs with the saved settings.
After making the necessary selections on the Job Settings and
Tray/Bin Mappings tabs, select Save Settings on the IPS Manager
File pull down menu. Enter a name for the job settings.
When a job setup file is to be retrieved, select the File menu on the
IPS Manager, select Load Settings, and locate and select the desired
job setup file. After the settings are loaded, select Apply or OK to
apply the loaded settings. The settings are not committed until either
Apply or OK is selected.
Job setup files can also be deleted using the Manage Saved Settings
option on the File pull down menu.
Using DocuSP IPDS


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