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System Configuration; Trace - Xerox 3812 User Manual

Xerox 3812: user guide
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Using DocuSP IPDS

System configuration


The following lists the features that control system configuration and
affect how IPDS communicates with the host and with DocuSP.
Host Interface allows you to select the IPS Manager connection
method to the host, either TCP/IP or channel.
Configuring the TCP/IP connection allows you to identify the TCP/IP
port number used with the TCP/IP address assigned to the DocuSP
controller to send data to the IPS Manager from the host computer.
NOTE: PSF defaults to port number 5001 if the port is not
changed in the printer definition.
Configuring the channel connection allows you to identify the unit
address and channel speed assigned to the DocuSP controller to
send data to the IPS Manager from the host computer.
NOTE: Channel modes are dictated by the host, host channel
extender speeds, and other properties of the bus and tag network.
See your systems programmer to determine the appropriate channel
Trace information is useful for diagnosing and correcting problems
with the IPS Manager.
NOTE: If you experience a problem with the IPS Manager, such as a
channel connectivity problem, that you cannot correct, contact your
local Xerox customer support representative for assistance.
The IPS Manager diagnostic trace functions allow you to capture or
replay a trace of the IPDS data stream, or to capture diagnostic
messages within the IPS Manager log files while the DocuSP is
processing a data stream. The Xerox service representative performs
trace functions, but you may be asked to perform one or more of the
trace functions in preparation for a service call.
System administrator access is required to access and use the trace
Capture trace: Captures IPDS data in a file as the data is being
received from the host. The trace file also contains any replies that
the IPS Manager has sent to the host. The trace file is stored in the
/opt/XRXnps/XRXipds/ipdstraces directory.
Playback trace: Plays back the previously captured trace file. The
trace file can also be printed. When a trace file is selected for
playback, the system automatically disconnects from the host, and
reconnects when the playback is complete.
NOTE: During a trace capture or playback, the job settings and
tray/bin mappings are not available and cannot be changed until the
trace activity is complete.
Xerox DocuSP IPDS User Guide


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