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Xerox 6100BD - Phaser Color Laser Printer Manual

Docusp 4.1 to 4.2 differences
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January 2005
DocuSP 4.1 to
4.2 Differences
Xerox Document Services Platform
DocuSP controller version 4.2x.xx



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox 6100BD - Phaser Color Laser Printer

  • Page 1 Xerox Document Services Platform DocuSP controller version 4.2x.xx DocuSP 4.1 to 4.2 Differences 701P43007 January 2005...
  • Page 2 Printed in the United States of America. XEROX® and all Xerox product names mentioned in this publication are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. One or more of the fonts listed within this document may be a registered trademark of Morisawa &...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents New Features And Updates For All Products ................1 General Feature Enhancements..........................1 DVD Installation..............................1 PPML Update ..............................1 Backup/Restore Operability Updates .........................2 Imposition/Layout enhancements........................4 Imposition: Job faults removed and Default scale is 100% ................6 Additions to Job Manager Display........................7 Error Page enhancements ..........................9 VIPP Project Container (VPC) Filter inclusion ....................10 Two-Stage Resource-Based Scheduling......................13...
  • Page 5: New Features And Updates For All Products

    This document highlights the changes and new features between the DocuSP 4.1 and DocuSP 4.2 software releases. Many changes have been made to accommodate Xerox customers who have specific needs. The first section of this document provides a list of features that are new for all products.
  • Page 6: Backup/Restore Operability Updates

    Backup/Restore Operability Updates The Backup and Restore GUI’s operability has been improved in DocuSP 4.2. Previously, Configuration Backup and Restore did not allow backup and restore of DocuSP license data and was not accessible on an unlicensed system. Under DocuSP 4.2, Configuration Backup and Restore provides the following improvements: ♦...
  • Page 7 Previously, the System Backup default destination was displayed as the root directory. Also, System Restore was not displayed as one of the choices in the Backup/Restore window. With this feature, System Backup/Restore provides the following improvements: ♦ The default directory destination for backup is /XRXbackup.
  • Page 8: Imposition/Layout Enhancements

    Imposition/Layout enhancements DocuSP 4.2 provides the user with a new template, the Z-sort template. In addition, the Z-sort, or ZIP-sort capability has been extended to all multiple-up options. This addition allows multiple-up (e.g. 4-up, 6-up, 9-up, etc.) to be cut and then stacked in a predefined order so that postal sort order is maintained.
  • Page 9 Additional Controls for N-Up layout DocuSP 3.8 and 4.0 to 4.1 Differences Document...
  • Page 10: Imposition: Job Faults Removed And Default Scale Is 100

    Imposition: Job faults removed and Default scale is 100% In this release, a few operability improvements have been made to the imposition software. The default settings and operation better match customer usage. ♦ Jobs that previously would fault with a warning that the image is off the page no longer fault.
  • Page 11: Additions To Job Manager Display

    Additions to Job Manager Display The DocuSP 4.2 release introduces the following enhancements to the existing Job Manager job list: ♦ Pages processed and total pages printed are available in the job list. This information is updated dynamically as values are changed. ♦...
  • Page 12 A new dialog is now available in Preferences that allows the user to slow down updates to the job list. This may be useful because the process of updating the job list may adversely affect printer performance. This feature allows the user to balance printer performance with job status updates.
  • Page 13: Error Page Enhancements

    Error Page enhancements The DocuSP 4.2 release introduces the following enhancements to the existing Error Page feature: ♦ The user is able to view Error and warning information from the Job Manager. ♦ The feature is only available when selecting the job properties of a job in the Job Manager completed job list.
  • Page 14: Vipp Project Container (Vpc) Filter Inclusion

    VIPP Project Container (VPC) Filter inclusion The VPC Filter is a job filtering mechanism that can be applied to one or more queues on a DocuSP system. When the VPC Filter is setup on a queue, it processes all VIPP jobs sent to the queue through any print path gateway.
  • Page 15 ♦ Set the processing option of a VPC filter-enabled queue to Deploy and Print and submit a VPC file to the queue. The resources in the VPC file are deployed and the job(s) printed. Set the Keep Print Files option to False to have the print job(s) deleted upon job completion.
  • Page 16 ♦ Set the processing option of a VPC filter-enabled queue to Deploy Only and submit a VPC file to the queue. The resources in the VPC file are deployed but the job(s) will not be printed. Select Print the list of deployed resources to print the list of resources and their deployment status, or leave this option deselected to obtain only a total count of the resources deployed.
  • Page 17: Two-Stage Resource-Based Scheduling

    Limits, Constraints, and Considerations ♦ The VPC Filter is not supported on single-queue systems such as the Nuvera Office Printer because DocuSP does not support any filters on single queue systems. The DocuSP GUI does not display the VPC Filter settings on single-queue systems. ♦...
  • Page 18: Additional Pcl Paper Sources

    If Enhanced RBS is in effect, DocuSP RIPs the job to determine the resourced defined within the job data before scheduling the job. If, after RIPping the job, the controller determines that the job requires unavailable resources, the job is marked Ineligible and a message is generated detailing which resources are currently unavailable.
  • Page 19 The table below shows the respective mappings between DocuSP PCL Paper Sources vs. the PCL5/XL command sequence. The mapping for PCL XL is different from the HP so as to allow the PCL XL values to run in sequential order. In the table below, the Tray values numbered 8-12 are the most popular values, as they map to HP and CentreWare High-Capacity trays.
  • Page 20: New Features And Updates For Color Products

    New Features And Updates For Color Products New Platform for iGen3 A new hardware platform is included with the DocuSP 4.2 version of the Xerox iGen3 system. The Sun Fire v890 features the new UltraSPARC IV 64 bit processor with Chip Multi-threading technology offering two threads per processor chip.
  • Page 21: Pantone Workflow Updates

    Pantone Workflow updates For DocuSP 4.2, a Pantone processing control has been added. The user now has the ability to disable Pantone processing. This provides added flexibility when matching Pantone page level elements at the press. Some pages have three object element types: images (bitmap data), graphics (scalable vector data), and text.
  • Page 22: Igen3 Updates

    them on the screen because DocuSP currently does not support Pantone processing for images. The colors for text, graphics and images can potentially show a difference that the customer may or may not like. By disabling Pantone processing, the customer can eliminate this problem.
  • Page 23: Rgb Workflow

    RGB Workflow RGB Relative Colorimetric Intent RGB rendition for color v3.5 includes a substantial change in the overall tone reproduction. RGB input will have an accurate mapping of tone reproduction down to the minimum printer L*. The visual appearance of all color RGB files features more color saturation and higher contrast.
  • Page 24 RGB Saturation and Pure Rendering Intents The Saturation intent also benefits from the new GCR strategy and enhanced gamut mapping methods, offering more saturation throughout the CMYK source space. More dark, saturated colors are available with this release. RGB Perceptual Rendering Intent The Perceptual Rendering Intent for this release yields more accurate tone scale reproduction.
  • Page 25: Swop Plus Details

    SWOP Plus details This new profile sets hues within the SWOP gamut to continue to simulate a SWOP press. But out-of-gamut SWOP hues are no longer flattened. The out-of-gamut hues above about 70% are saturated. This profile provides a SWOP press rendering, but it also allows customers to leverage the larger color gamut available on the digital presses.
  • Page 26: Edge Enhancement

    Edge Enhancement Edge Enhancement is an iGen3-specific feature that outlines the non-saturated graphic objects and produces a crisp edge. In previous releases of DocuSP, Edge Enhancement was always applied and could not be turned off. In DocuSP 4.2, the user can choose to enable or disable this feature.
  • Page 27: New Features And Updates For Nuvera 100/120 Only

    New Features And Updates For Nuvera 100/120 Only Bates Print Option Customers purchasing the DocuSP 4.2-based Nuvera products are able to purchase a separate application entitled ‘Bates Print.’ Bates Print is an annotation product, developed by Rochester Software Associates which addresses the specific needs of legal offices. Bates Print provides the operator the ability to add the following text to their document: ♦...
  • Page 28 Bates Print Caveats Bates Print is not integrated with DocuSP. This creates the following conditions: ♦ Bates Print must be manually started. ♦ Bates Print must be manually brought to front of the display. ♦ Bates Print fault and status messages do not appear on DocuSP.
  • Page 29: New Features And Updates For Eps Products Only

    New Features And Updates For EPS Products Only LCDS Tape Client updates DocuSP 4.2 enables users to select and print single or multiple LCDS reports from the DocuSP Tape Client GUI. If multiple reports are desired, the reports must be specified in ascending order with a position relative to the beginning of the container.
  • Page 30: Lcds Console Enhancements

    LCDS Console Enhancements DocuSP 4.2 introduces the following enhancements to the existing LCDS Console dialog: ♦ Date/Time stamps are displayed along with all messages that are displayed. ♦ The ability to clear the currently displayed messages is provided. ♦ The messages for the past two weeks are now logged and viewable within the LCDS Console dialog.
  • Page 31 ♦ The History tab has a menu populated with the dates from the past two weeks, which allows the user to select to view the messages that were logged on a specific date. The new LCDS Console dialog, with the History tab selected DocuSP 3.8 and 4.0 to 4.1 Differences Document...
  • Page 32 LCDS Console window, with the History tab selected, displaying the detail from the View pull-down menu DocuSP 3.8 and 4.0 to 4.1 Differences Document...
  • Page 33: Update For Docuprint 180 Only

    Update For DocuPrint 180 only A version of the DocuPrint 180 EPS printing system is being made available later in the year that removes the User Interface Monitor (UIM) from the printer and incorporates the UIM activities into the DocuSP user interface.
  • Page 34 DocuSP 3.8 and 4.0 to 4.1 Differences Document...