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Werning Messages; Environment; Useful Tips - Samsung SyncMaster 153V User Manual

Samsung syncmaster 153v: user guide
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Table of Contents
Setting up Your Monitor
Warning Messages
If there is something wrong with the input signal, a message appears on the screen or the screen
goes blank although the power indicator LED is still on. The message may indicate that the
monitor is out of scan range or that you need to check the signal cable.


The location and the position of the monitor may influence the quality and other features of the monitor.
1. If there are any woofer speakers near the monitor, unplug and relocate the
woofer to another room.
2. Remove all electronic devices such as radios, fans, clocks and telephones that
are within 3 feet (one meter) of the monitor.

Useful Tips

A monitor recreates visual signals received from the PC. Therefore, if there is trouble with the PC or
the video card, this can cause the monitor to become blank, have poor coloring, noise, Video mode
not supported, etc. In this case, first check the source of the problem, and then contact a service
center or your dealer.
Judging the monitor's working condition
If there is no image on the screen or an "Video mode not supported" message comes up,
disconnect the cable from the computer while the monitor is still powered on.
If there is a message coming up on the screen or if the screen goes white, this means the
monitor is in working condition.
In this case, check the computer for trouble.



Table of Contents

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