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Safety Instructions - Samsung SyncMaster 153V User Manual

Samsung syncmaster 153v: user guide
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Do not use a damaged or loose plug.
Do not pull the plug out by the wire nor touch the plug with wet hands.
Use only a properly grounded plug and receptacle.
Do not excessively bend the plug and wire nor place heavy objects upon them, which could cause damage.
Disconnect the plug from the outlet during storms or lightening or if it is not used for a long period of time.
Do not connect too many extension cords or plugs to an outlet.
Do not cover the vents on the monitor cabinet.
Put your monitor in a location with low humidity and a minimum of dust.
Do not drop the monitor when moving it.
10. Place the monitor on a flat and stable surface.
11. Set down the monitor carefully.
12. Do not place the monitor face down.
13. Do not spray detergent directly on the monitor.
14. Use the recommended detergent with a smooth cloth.
15. If the connector between the plug and the pin is dusty or dirty, clean it properly with a dry cloth.
16. Do not set a glass of water, chemicals or any small metal objects on the monitor.
17. Do not remove cover(or back). No user serviceable parts inside.
18. If your monitor does not operate normally - in particular, if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming
from it - unplug it immediately and contact an authorized deal-er or service.
19. Do not place any heavy objects on the monitor.
20. For each hour of looking at the monitor, you should let your eyes rest for 5 minutes.
21. Do not use or store inflammable substances near the monitor.
22. Do not try to move the monitor by pulling on the wire or the signal cable.
23. Do not move the monitor right or left by pulling only the wire or the signal cable.
24. Never insert anything metallic into the monitor openings.

Safety Instructions




Table of Contents

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