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Oven - Hints And Tips - Electrolux RKG500002W User Manual


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Do not push the baking tray
all the way to the back wall
of the cavity. This prevents
the heat from circulating
around the tray. The food
may be burnt, especially in
the rear part of the tray.


Refer to Safety chapters.
The temperature and baking
times in the tables are
guidelines only. They
depend on the recipes and
the quality and quantity of
the ingredients used.
12.1 General information
The appliance has four shelf positions.
Count the shelf positions from the bottom
of the appliance floor.
Moisture can condense in the appliance
or on the door glass panels. This is
normal. Always stand back from the
appliance when you open the appliance
door while cooking. To decrease the
condensation, operate the appliance for
10 minutes before cooking.
Clean the moisture after each use of the
Do not put the objects directly on the
appliance floor and do not put aluminium
foil on the components when you cook.
This can change the baking results and
cause damage to the enamel.
Put the tray or deep pan on the shelf
position. Make sure it does not touch the
back wall of the oven.
12.2 Baking
For the first baking, use the lower
You can extend the baking time by 10 –
15 minutes if you bake cakes on more
than one shelf position.
Trays in the oven can distort during
baking. When the trays are cold again,
the distortions disappear.
12.3 Baking cakes
Do not open the oven door before 3/4 of
the set cooking time is up.
12.4 Cooking meat and fish
Use a deep pan for very fatty food to
prevent the oven from stains that can be
Leave the meat for approximately 15
minutes before carving so that the juice
does not seep out.
To prevent too much smoke in the oven
during roasting, add some water into the
deep pan. To prevent the smoke
condensation, add water each time after
it dries up.


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