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13.1 Notes on cleaning
Clean the front of the oven with a soft
cloth with warm water and a mild
cleaning agent.
To clean metal surfaces, use a dedicated
cleaning agent.
Clean the oven interior after each use.
Fat accumulation or other food remains
may result in a fire. The risk is higher for
the grill pan.
Clean all accessories after each use and
let them dry. Use a soft cloth with warm
water and a cleaning agent. Do not clean
the accessories in the dishwasher.
Clean stubborn stains with a special
oven cleaner.
Do not clean the non-stick accessories
using abrasive cleaner or sharp-edged
13.2 Stainless steel or
aluminium ovens
Clean the oven door with a damp cloth or
sponge only. Dry it with a soft cloth.
Do not use steel wool, acids or abrasive
materials as they can damage the oven
surface. Clean the oven control panel
with the same precautions.
13.3 Removing and installing
the oven glass panels
You can remove the internal glass
panels to clean it. The number of glass
panels is different for different models.
Keep the oven door slightly
open during the cleaning
process. When you open it
fully it may accidentally close
causing potential damage.
Do not use the appliance
without the glass panels.
1. Open the door until it is at an angle of
approximately 30°. The door stands
alone when slightly open.
2. Hold the door trim (B) at the top edge
of the door on both sides and push
inwards to release the clip seal.
3. Pull the door trim to the front to
remove it.
When you take out the
glass panels the oven
door tries to close.
4. Hold the top edge of the door glass
panels and pull them up one by one.
5. Clean the glass panel with water and
soap. Dry the glass panel carefully.
When the cleaning is complete, install
the glass panels and the oven door. Do
the above steps in the opposite
sequence. Install the smaller panel first,
then the larger.
Make sure that you install
the internal glass panel in
the appropriate seats.


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