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Electrolux RKG500002W User Manual page 12


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Changing from natural gas to
liquid gas
1. Fully tighten the bypass screw.
2. Put the knob back.
Changing from liquid gas to
natural gas
1. Unscrew approximately one turn the
bypass screw position A.
2. Put the knob for the hob back.
3. Connect the appliance to the
Put the mains plug into
the mains socket only if
all parts are back into
their initial position.
There is a risk of injury.
4. Light the burner.
Refer to "Hob - Daily use" chapter.
5. Turn the knob for the hob to the
minimum position.
6. Remove the knob for the hob again.
7. Screw on slowly the bypass screw till
the flame becomes minimum and
8. Put the knob for the hob back on.
3.14 Oven injector replacement
1. Remove the bottom plate of the oven
cavity A to get access to the oven
burner B.
2. Release the screw C, which keep the
burner in position.
3. Carefully move the burner off the
injector support D.
4. Slowly move it to the left side. Make
sure that the burner bush stays on
the burner mouthpiece. Do not apply
force to the wire of the spark plug
connector F and to the thermocouple
conductor E.
5. Release the burner injector D with a
7 mm socket spanner and replace it
with a different one.
Assemble the burner in a revers
Replace the gas type sticker near the
gas supply ramp with the one related to
the new gas type.
3.15 Adjusting the minimum
gas level on the oven burner
1. Disconnect the appliance from the
2. Remove the knob for the oven
functions. If there is no access to the


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