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Attaching Units To Numbers; Unit Prefixes - HP 48gII User Manual

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Attaching units to numbers

To attach a unit object to a number, the number must be followed by an
underscore (‚Ý, key(8,5)). Thus, a force of 5 N will be entered as 5_N.
Here is the sequence of steps to enter this number in ALG mode, system flag
117 set to CHOOSE boxes:
5‚Ý ‚Û 8@@OK@@ @@OK@@ `
Note: If you forget the underscore, the result is the expression 5*N, where
N here represents a possible variable name and not Newtons.
To enter this same quantity, with the calculator in RPN mode, use the following
5‚Û8@@OK@@ @@OK@@
Notice that the underscore is entered automatically when the RPN mode is
The keystroke sequences to enter units when the SOFT menu option is selected,
in both ALG and RPN modes, are illustrated next. For example, in ALG mode,
to enter the quantity 5_N use:
5‚Ý ‚ÛL @) @ FORCE @ @@ @@ `
The same quantity, entered in RPN mode uses the following keystrokes:
5‚ÛL @) @ FORCE @ @@ @@
Note: You can enter a quantity with units by typing the underline and units
with the ~keyboard, e.g., 5‚Ý~n will produce the entry:

Unit prefixes

You can enter prefixes for units according to the following table of prefixes
from the SI system. The prefix abbreviation is shown first, followed by its
name, and by the exponent x in the factor 10
corresponding to each prefix:
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