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Real Number Functions In The Mth Menu; Using Calculator Menus; Hyperbolic Functions And Their Inverses - HP 48gII User Manual

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Real number functions in the MTH menu

The MTH („´) menu include a number of mathematical functions mostly
applicable to real numbers. With the default setting of CHOOSE boxes for
system flag 117 (see Chapter 2), the MTH menu shows the following functions:
The functions are grouped by the type of argument (1. vectors, 2. matrices, 3.
lists, 7. probability, 9. complex) or by the type of function (4. hyperbolic, 5.
real, 6. base, 8. fft). It also contains an entry for the mathematical constants
available in the calculator, entry 10.
In general, be aware of the number and order of the arguments required for
each function, and keep in mind that, in ALG mode you should select first the
function and then enter the argument, while in RPN mode, you should enter
the argument in the stack first, and then select the function.

Using calculator menus:

1. We will describe in detail the use of the 4. HYPERBOLIC.. menu in this
section with the intention of describing the general operation of calculator
menus. Pay close attention to the process for selecting different options.
2. To quickly select one of the numbered options in a menu list (or CHOOSE
box), simply press the number for the option in the keyboard. For
example, to select option 4. HYPERBOLIC.. in the MTH menu, simply
press 4.

Hyperbolic functions and their inverses

Selecting Option 4. HYPERBOLIC.. , in the MTH menu, and pressing @@OK@@,
produces the hyperbolic function menu:
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