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Chapter 7 - Operations With Lists; Creating And Storing Lists; Operations With Lists Of Numbers; Changing Sign - HP 48gII User Manual

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Chapter 7
Operations with lists
Lists are a type of calculator's object that can be useful for data processing.
This chapter presents examples of operations with lists. To get started with the
examples in this Chapter, we use the Approximate mode (See Chapter 1).

Creating and storing lists

To create a list in ALG mode, first enter the braces key „ä , then type or
enter the elements of the list, separating them with commas (‚í). The
following keystrokes will enter the list {1 2 3 4} and store it into variable L1.
„ä 1 ‚í 2. ‚í 3. ‚í 4.
Entering the same list in RPN mode requires the following keystrokes:
„ä 1. # 2. # 3. # 4. `

Operations with lists of numbers

To demonstrate operations with lists of numbers enter and store the following
lists in the corresponding variables.
L2 = {-3.,2.,1.,5.}
L3 = {-6.,5.,3.,1.,0.,3.,-4.} L4 = {3.,-2.,1.,5.,3.,2.,1.}

Changing sign

The sign-change key (\) , when applied to a list of numbers, will change
the sign of all elements in the list. For example:
Note: Directories TRIANG and MES1 resulted from a previous exercise.
Please ignore them while trying these examples in your calculator.
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