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Checking Variables Contents; Algebraic Mode; Rpn Mode - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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p1: ‚å‚é~„r³„ì*
~„rQ2™™™ ³ ~„p1™` K.
The screen, at this point, will look as follows:
You will see six of the seven variables listed at the bottom of the
screen: p1, z1, R, Q, A12, .

Checking variables contents

The simplest way to check a variable content is by pressing the soft menu key
label for the variable. For example, for the variables listed above, press the
following keys to see the contents of the variables:

Algebraic mode

Type these keystrokes: J@@ @@ ` @@@R@@ `@@@ @@@ `. At this point, the
screen looks as follows:

RPN mode

In RPN mode, you only need to press the corresponding soft menu key label to
get the contents of a numerical or algebraic variable. For the case under
consideration, we can try peeking into the variables z1, R, Q, A12, , and A,
created above, as follows:
At this point, the screen looks like this:
J@@ @@ @@@R@@ @@@ @@ @@A @@ @@ @@
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