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Chapter 6 - Solution To Equations; Symbolic Solution Of Algebraic Equations; Function Isol - HP 48gII User Manual

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Chapter 6
Solution to equations
Associated with the 7 key there are two menus of equation-solving
functions, the Symbolic SOLVer („Î), and the NUMerical SoLVer
(‚Ï). Following, we present some of the functions contained in these

Symbolic solution of algebraic equations

Here we describe some of the functions from the Symbolic Solver menu.
Activate the menu by using the keystroke combination „Î. With system
flag 117 set to CHOOSE boxes, the following menu lists will be available:
Functions ISOL and SOLVE can be used to solve for any unknown in a
polynomial equation. Function SOLVEVX solves a polynomial equation where
the unknown is the default CAS variable VX (typically set to 'X'). Finally,
function ZEROS provides the zeros, or roots, of a polynomial.

Function ISOL

Function ISOL(Equation, variable) will produce the solution(s) to Equation by
isolating variable. For example, with the calculator set to ALG mode, to solve
for t in the equation at
-bt = 0 we can use the following:
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