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Operations With Units; The Units Menu - HP 48gII User Manual

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Finally, in order to select, for example, the hyperbolic tangent (tanh) function,
simply press @@TA H@.
Note: To see additional options in these soft menus, press the L key or
the „«keystroke sequence.
For example, to calculate tanh(2.5), in the ALG mode, when using SOFT
menus over CHOOSE boxes, follow this procedure:
„´@@H P@ @@TA H@ 2.5`
In RPN mode, the same value is calculated using:
2.5`„´) @ @H P@ @@TA H@
As an exercise of applications of hyperbolic functions, verify the following
sinh (2.5) = 6.05020..
cosh (2.5) = 6.13228..
tanh (2.5) = 0.98661..
expm(2.0) = 6.38905....

Operations with units

Numbers in the calculator can have units associated with them. Thus, it is
possible to calculate results involving a consistent system of units and produce
a result with the appropriate combination of units.

The UNITS menu

The units menu is launched by the keystroke combination ‚Û(associated
with the 6 key). With system flag 117 set to CHOOSE boxes, the result is
the following menu:
(2.0) = 1.4436...
(2.0) = 1.3169...
(0.2) = 0.2027...
lnp1(1.0) = 0.69314....
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