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Simple Operations With Vectors; Changing Sign; Addition, Subtraction - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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(3) Move the cursor up two positions by using ——. Then press @ ROW.
The second row will disappear.
(4) Press @ ROW@. A row of three zeroes appears in the second row.
(5) Press @ COL@. The first column will disappear.
(6) Press @ COL@. A column of two zeroes appears in the first column.
(7) Press @GOTO@ 3@@OK@@ 3@@OK@@ @@OK@@ to move to position (3,3).
(8) Press
This will place the contents of cell (3,3) on the stack,
although you will not be able to see it yet. Press ` to return to normal
display. The number 9, element (3,3), and the full matrix entered will be
available in the stack.

Simple operations with vectors

To illustrate operations with vectors we will use the vectors u2, u3, v2, and v3,
stored in an earlier exercise. Also, store vector A=[-1,-2,-3,-4,-5] to be used in
the following exercises. [Note: not all lines will be visible when done with the
exercises in the following figures.]

Changing sign

To change the sign of a vector use the key \, e.g.,

Addition, subtraction

Addition and subtraction of vectors require that the two vector operands have
the same length:
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