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data sets (x,y), stored in columns of the DAT matrix. For this application,
you need to have at least two columns in your DAT variable.
For example, to fit a linear relationship to the data shown in the table below:
First, enter the two columns of data into variable DAT by using the matrix
writer, and function STO .
To access the program
already loaded.
parameters for a linear fitting:
To obtain the data fitting press @@OK@@.
shown below for our particular data set, consists of the following three
lines in RPN mode:
3: '0.195238095238 + 2.00857242857*X'
2: Correlation: 0.983781424465
1: Covariance: 7.03
0 0.5
1 2.3
2 3.6
3 6.7
4 7.2
3. Fit data..
, use the following keystrokes:
The input form will show the current
If needed, change your set up screen to the following
The output from this program,
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