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Random Numbers - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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We can calculate combinations, permutations, and factorials with functions
COMB, PERM, and ! from the MTH/PROBABILITY.. sub-menu. The operation
of those functions is described next:
COMB(n,r): Calculates the number of combinations of n items taken r
at a time
PERM(n,r): Calculates the number of permutations of n items taken r
at a time
Factorial of a positive integer.
Γ(x+1), where Γ(x) is the Gamma function (see Chapter 3).
factorial symbol (!) can be entered also as the keystroke combination
Example of applications of these functions are shown next: [Note: not all
lines will be visible when done with the exercises in the following figure.]

Random numbers

The calculator provides a random number generator that returns a uniformly
distributed random real number between 0 and 1.
number, use function RAND from the MTH/PROBABILITY sub-menu.
following screen shows a number of random numbers produced using RAND.
(Note: The random numbers in your calculator will differ from these).
Additional details on random numbers in the calculator are provided in
Chapter 17 of the user's guide. Specifically, the use of function RDZ, to re-
For a non-integer, x! returns
To generate a random
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