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Chapter 11 - Calculus Applications; The Calc (calculus) Menu; Limits And Derivatives; Function Lim - HP 48gII User Manual

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Chapter 11
Calculus Applications
In this Chapter we discuss applications of the calculator's functions to
operations related to Calculus, e.g., limits, derivatives, integrals, power series,

The CALC (Calculus) menu

Many of the functions presented in this Chapter are contained in the
calculator's CALC menu, available through the keystroke sequence „Ö
(associated with the 4 key):
The first four options in this menu are actually sub-menus that apply to (1)
derivatives and integrals, (2) limits and power series, (3) differential equations,
and (4) graphics. The functions in entries (1) and (2) will be presented in this
Chapter. Functions DERVX and INTVX are discussed in detail later.

Limits and derivatives

Differential calculus deals with derivatives, or rates of change, of functions
and their applications in mathematical analysis. The derivative of a function
is defined as a limit of the difference of a function as the increment in the
independent variable tends to zero.
Limits are used also to check the
continuity of functions.

Function lim

The calculator provides function lim to calculate limits of functions.
function uses as input an expression representing a function and the value
where the limit is to be calculated.
Function lim is available through the
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