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Hypothesis Testing - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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The graph shows the standard normal distribution pdf (probability density
function), the location of the critical points z , the mean value (23.2) and
Press @TE T to
the corresponding interval limits (21.88424 and 24.51576).
return to the previous results screen, and/or press @@@OK@@@ to exit the confidence
interval environment.
The results will be listed in the calculator's display.
Additional examples of confidence interval calculations are presented in
Chapter 18 in the calculator's user's guide.

Hypothesis testing

A hypothesis is a declaration made about a population (for instance, with
respect to its mean). Acceptance of the hypothesis is based on a statistical
test on a sample taken from the population.
The consequent action and
decision-making are called hypothesis testing.
The calculator provides hypothesis testing procedures under application 6.
Conf Interval can be accessed by using ‚Ù—— @@@OK@@@.
As with the calculation of confidence intervals, discussed earlier, this program
offers the following 6 options:
These options are interpreted as in the confidence interval applications:
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