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and get the result you want without having to type the expression in the right-
hand side for each separate value. In the following example, we assume you
have set your calculator to ALG mode. Enter the following sequence of
The screen will look like this:
Press the J key, and you will notice that there is a new variable in your soft
menu key (@@@H@@). To see the contents of this variable press ‚@@@H@@. The screen
will show now:
Thus, the variable H contains a program defined by:
This is a simple program in the default programming language of the HP 48
G series, and also incorporated in the HP 49 G series. This programming
language is called UserRPL (See Chapters 20 and 21 in the calculator's user's
guide). The program shown above is relatively simple and consists of two
parts, contained between the program containers
This is to be interpreted as saying: enter a value that is temporarily assigned
to the name x (referred to as a local variable), evaluate the expression
x 'LN(x+1) + EXP(x)' >>
'LN(x+1) + EXP(x) '
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