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6.3` 8.5 -
4.2` 2.5 *
2.3` 4.5 /
Alternatively, in RPN mode, you can separate the operands with a
space (#) before pressing the operator key. Examples:
3.7#5.2 +
6.3#8.5 -
4.2#2.5 *
2.3#4.5 /
Parentheses („Ü) can be used to group operations, as well as to
enclose arguments of functions.
In ALG mode:
In RPN mode, you do not need the parenthesis, calculation is done
directly on the stack:
In RPN mode, typing the expression between quotes will allow you to
enter the expression like in algebraic mode:
For both, ALG and RPN modes, using the Equation Writer:
The expression can be evaluated within the Equation writer, by using
————@EVAL@ or, ‚—@EVAL@
The absolute value function, ABS, is available through „Ê.
Example in ALG mode:
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