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The Identity Matrix; The Inverse Matrix - HP 48gII User Manual

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The identity matrix

The identity matrix has the property that A⋅I = I⋅A = A. To verify this property
we present the following examples using the matrices stored earlier on. Use
function IDN (find it in the MTH/MATRIX/MAKE menu) to generate the
identity matrix as shown here:

The inverse matrix

⋅A = I,
The inverse of a square matrix A is the matrix A
such that A⋅A
= A
where I is the identity matrix of the same dimensions as A. The inverse of a
matrix is obtained in the calculator by using the inverse function, INV (i.e., the
Y key). Examples of the inverse of some of the matrices stored earlier are
presented next:
To verify the properties of the inverse matrix, we present the following
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