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The Cmplx Menus; Cmplx Menu Through The Mth Menu - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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The CMPLX menus

There are two CMPLX (CoMPLeX numbers) menus available in the calculator.
One is available through the MTH menu (introduced in Chapter 3) and one
directly into the keyboard (‚ß). The two CMPLX menus are presented

CMPLX menu through the MTH menu

Assuming that system flag 117 is set to CHOOSE boxes (see Chapter 2),
the CMPLX sub-menu within the MTH menu is accessed by using:
„´9 @@OK@@ . The functions available are the following:
The first menu (options 1 through 6) shows the following functions:
: Real part of a complex number
: Imaginary part of a complex number
→R(z) : Separates a complex number into its real and imaginary parts
→C(x,y): Forms the complex number (x,y) out of real numbers x and y
ABS(z) : Calculates the magnitude of a complex number.
ARG(z): Calculates the argument of a complex number.
SIGN(z) : Calculates a complex number of unit magnitude as z/|z|.
NEG(z) : Changes the sign of z
(3+5i) + (6-3i) = (9,2);
(5-2i) - (3+4i) = (2,-6)
(3-i)·(2-4i) = (2,-14);
(5-2i)/(3+4i) = (0.28,-1.04)
1/(3+4i) = (0.12, -0.16) ;
-(5-3i) = -5 + 3i
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