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Financial Calculations; Solving Equations With One Unknown Through Num.slv; Function Steq - HP 48gII User Manual

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To expand the products, you can use the EXPAND command.
The resulting expression is: '

Financial calculations

The calculations in item 5. Solve finance.. in the Numerical Solver (NUM.SLV)
are used for calculations of time value of money of interest in the discipline of
engineering economics and other financial applications. This application can
also be started by using the keystroke combination ‚Ò (associated with
the 9 key). Detailed explanations of these types of calculations are
presented in Chapter 6 of the calculator's user's guide.

Solving equations with one unknown through NUM.SLV

The calculator's NUM.SLV menu provides item
different types of equations in a single variable, including non-linear algebraic
and transcendental equations.
x/3) = 0.
Simply enter the expression as an algebraic object and store it into variable
EQ. The required keystrokes in ALG mode are the following:
*~„x/3™‚Å 0™

Function STEQ

Function STEQ will store its argument into variable EQ, e.g., in ALG mode:
X^4+-3*X^3+ -3*X^2+11*X-6'
For example, let's solve the equation: e
1. Solve equation..
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