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Explanation Of Cas Settings; Selecting Display Modes - HP 48gII User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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options above).
underline preceding the option of interest (e.g., the _Numeric, _Approx,
_Complex, _Verbose, _Step/Step, _Incr Pow options above).
After having selected and unselected all the options that you want in the
CAS MODES input form, press the @@@OK@@@ soft menu key. This will take you
back to the CALCULATOR MODES input form.
calculator display at this point, press the @@@OK@@@ soft menu key once more.

Explanation of CAS settings

Indep var: The independent variable for CAS applications. Typically, VX
= 'X'.
Modulo: For operations in modular arithmetic this variable holds the
modulus or modulo of the arithmetic ring (see Chapter 5 in the calculator's
user's guide).
Numeric: If set, the calculator produces a numeric, or floating-point result,
in calculations.
Approx: If set, Approximate mode uses numerical results in calculations. If
unchecked, the CAS is in Exact mode, which produces symbolic results in
algebraic calculations.
Complex: If set, complex number operations are active. If unchecked the
CAS is in Real mode, i.e., real number calculations are the default. See
Chapter 4 for operations with complex numbers.
Verbose: If set, provides detailed information in certain CAS operations.
Step/Step: If set, provides step-by-step results for certain CAS operations.
Useful to see intermediate steps in summations, derivatives, integrals,
polynomial operations (e.g., synthetic division), and matrix operations.
Incr Pow: Increasing Power, means that, if set, polynomial terms are
shown in increasing order of the powers of the independent variable.
Rigorous: If set, calculator does not simplify the absolute value function
|X| to X.
Simp Non-Rational: If set, the calculator will try to simplify non-rational
expressions as much as possible.

Selecting Display modes

Unselected options will show no check mark in the
To return to normal
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