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Chapter 2 - Introducing The Calculator; Calculator Objects; Editing Expressions In The Stack; Creating Arithmetic Expressions - HP 48gII User Manual

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Chapter 2
Introducing the calculator
In this chapter we present a number of basic operations of the calculator
including the use of the Equation Writer and the manipulation of data objects
in the calculator. Study the examples in this chapter to get a good grasp of
the capabilities of the calculator for future applications.

Calculator objects

Some of the most commonly used objects are: reals (real numbers, written with
a decimal point, e.g., -0.0023, 3.56), integers (integer numbers, written
without a decimal point, e.g., 1232, -123212123), complex numbers (written
as an ordered pair, e.g., (3,-2)), lists, etc. Calculator objects are described in
Chapters 2 and 24 in the calculator's user guide.

Editing expressions in the stack

In this section we present examples of expression editing directly into the
calculator display or stack.

Creating arithmetic expressions

For this example, we select the Algebraic operating mode and select a Fix
format with 3 decimals for the display. We are going to enter the arithmetic
0 .
0 .
5 .
0 .
0 .
0 .
To enter this expression use the following keystrokes:
The resulting expression is: 5*(1+1/7.5)/( 3-2^3).
Press ` to get the expression in the display as follows:
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