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Chapter 8 - Vectors; Entering Vectors; Typing Vectors In The Stack - HP 48gII User Manual

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Chapter 8
This Chapter provides examples of entering and operating with vectors, both
mathematical vectors of many elements, as well as physical vectors of 2 and 3

Entering vectors

In the calculator, vectors are represented by a sequence of numbers enclosed
between brackets, and typically entered as row vectors. The brackets are
generated in the calculator by the keystroke combination „Ô ,
associated with the * key. The following are examples of vectors in the
' ' '
' '

Typing vectors in the stack

With the calculator in ALG mode, a vector is typed into the stack by opening
a set of brackets („Ô) and typing the components or elements of the
vector separated by commas (‚í). The screen shots below show the
entering of a numerical vector followed by an algebraic vector. The figure to
the left shows the algebraic vector before pressing `. The figure to the right
shows the calculator's screen after entering the algebraic vector:
In RPN mode, you can enter a vector in the stack by opening a set of brackets
and typing the vector components or elements separated by either commas
A general row vector
A 2-D vector
A 3-D vector
A vector of algebraics
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