Air Evacuation Pipe/Duct; Air Principle - Electrolux TT300 Operating And Installation Manual

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Tumble dryer evacuation system

Air evacuation pipe/duct

It is recommended to connect each machine to a
separate, smooth air evacuation pipe with the
lowest possible air resistance. The pipe must
lead into the outdoors, where lint and steam will
not be a hazard. The outlet must be protected
against rain and impurities.
Note: In cold areas, condensation may cause
frost damage to the building.
In case of queries relating to the design of the
air evacuation system, please contact our ser-
vice organisation/dealer.

Air principle

The ventilator creates low pressure in the drum,
drawing air into the machine via the heating unit.
The heated air passes through the garments
and the drum vents.
Then the air flows out through a lint filter, posi-
tioned immediately in front of the ventilator. After
this, the air is evacuated through the ventilator
and evacuation system.
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General installation


Table of Contents

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