Electrolux Wascator TT200 Operating And Installation Manual
Electrolux Wascator TT200 Operating And Installation Manual

Electrolux Wascator TT200 Operating And Installation Manual

Electrolux wascator gas tumble dryer


Operating and installation manual
Tumble dryer TT200 / TT270
487 14 49 71
English speaking countries outside EU


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  • Page 1 Operating and installation manual Tumble dryer TT200 / TT270 (RMC) 487 14 49 71 English speaking countries outside EU...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Tumble Dryer, drum volume 200/270 litres GAS Contents: Instructions for use: General aspects ..................1 Explanation....................2 Operation, manual residual moisture control..........3 Maintenance ....................4 Installation: Position....................... 5 Dimension sketch gas heating..............6 Power connection ..................7 Installation gas 12 kW ................8-11 Technical Data ....................
  • Page 3: General Aspects

    General Aspects Drying is effected as follows: • The tumbling drum (1) rotates at constant speed in order to keep the garments in movement all the time. • An inbuilt fan (2) carries fresh air through the machine. • The air first passes the heating unit (3), where it is heated.
  • Page 4: Explanation

    Instructions for Use Explanation Manual residual moisture control A. Program selector B. Temperature symbols C. Lamp is lit for selected program D. Start button E. Lamp flashes / ready to start F. Drying / lamp is lit G. Cooling / lamp is lit H.
  • Page 5: Operation, Manual Residual Moisture Control

    Instructions for Use Manual operation with residual moisture control Open filling door. Open filter door. Fill garments into Clean filter. drum. Close filter door Close door Select drying Airing. program. without heat. Press program Mild wash. button. Lamp is lit Low heat.
  • Page 6: Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance The following work should be carried out at regular intervals at a rate depending on the frequency of use. Daily • Check that the drum stops when the door is opened. • Check that the lint screen has been cleaned. The lint screen is to not be removed for cleaning;...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Installation Unpacking Unpack the machine from its packaging. There are no transport fittings. Positioning Place the tumble dryer in such a manner that the work of both user and service technician becomes as easy as possible. The door is reversible (page 13).
  • Page 8: Dimension Sketch Gas Heating

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Connection gas 1/2" Drum volume Heating litres effect Blow-off branch ∅ 160 12 kW 827 mm 614 mm ∅ 200 12 kW 982 mm 769 mm...
  • Page 9: Power Connection

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Electrical installation To be carried out by a skilled, competent person. The tumble dryer requires its own fuse group. For each tumbler, place a multi-pole fixed switch Fig. in the fixed installation. Place it in such a way that it is easily accessible but will not be mistaken for the tumbler main switch.
  • Page 10: Installation Gas 12 Kw

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Gas installation 12 kW The installation must be performed by authorized staff. Mount a manual shut-off valve prior to the machine. The gas pipe to the machine must be dimensioned for a power output of 12 kW. The machine is equipped with an allgas burner.
  • Page 11: Conversion To Town-Gas 12 Kw

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Conversion to town-gas 12 kW Mount air reducing plate (6) with hole Ø 25. Mount the enclosed nozzle on 5,6 mm (5). Connect a pressure gauge to testsocket outlet (1). Select programme (Normal/perm.press). Start the machine. Adjust nozzle pressure to 4,2 mbar on the adjusting screw (3) under nippel (2).
  • Page 12 Installation GAS 200/270 liter Conversion to natural gas 12 kW Mount air reducing plate (6) with hole Ø 25. Mount nozzle (5) corresponding to gas type (GNH/GNL), see table page 11. Connect a pressure gauge to testsocket outlet (1). Select programme (Normal/perm.press). Start the machine.
  • Page 13: Gas Valve

    Installation GAS 200/270 liter Table of calorific value, nozzles and gas pressure 12 kW Gastype Calorific Wobbe- Gas pressure Ø Value index Test Nozzle reducing pressure Inlet Outlet 1 plate 6 switch 4 MJ/m MJ/m mbar mbar Ø mm mbar 126,4 87,3 28,0...
  • Page 14: Technical Data

    Installation GAS 200/270 liter Technical data Drum volume 200 litre 270 litre Dimensions: Width 792 mm 792 mm Depth 827 mm 982 mm Height 1508 mm 1508 mm Net weigt: 115 kg 130 kg Inner drum: Diameter 760 mm 760 mm Depth 440 mm 595 mm...
  • Page 15: Left-/Right-Hung Door

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Left-/right-hung door Reverse the door as follows: Disconnect the power to the machine. Remove the top cover. Fig. Remove the operating panel with the PCB by removing the 2 multi-plugs, G1 and G2. Remove the lock system, A. Remove the 2 leads on the door switch.
  • Page 16: Evacuation System

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Evacuation system Fresh air intake In order for the machine to work optimally, with Fig. the shortest possible drying time, it is important × A for the air intake to the room to come from the open air and for the same amount of air as enters the room to be evacuated.
  • Page 17: Examples Of Evacuation Systems

    Installation GAS 200/270 litres Examples of evacuation system Air outlet Air inlet Air inlet Best position: behind machine...
  • Page 18: Checking The Functions

    Function checks 200/270 litres Function checks, manual Must be carried out by a skilled, competent person. Check that the drum is empty and the door closed. Before start-up Fig. Check the direction of rotation by pressing down switch K3. If the drum rotates the wrong way, switch 2 phases.
  • Page 19: Pcb (Printed Circuit Board), Setting

    Electronic controls, 200/270 litres PCB (printed circuit board), setting of 200/270 -litre machine The switch setting (variant setting) for the 200/270-litre model. The PCB has been preset at the works to match this model. Only if the PCB is replaced is it necessary to reset. Manual with moisture sensing Switch no.
  • Page 20: Quick-View Parameter Listing

    Parameter programming, 200/270 Quick-view parameter listing The following values have been pre-programmed: Parameter Value / Parameter setting Cooling time Program with low temperature: 50°C Program with high temperature: 70°C Maximum running time With reversing Reversing time Reversing, pausing time Program: Extra dry Program: Dry Program: Iron dry (iron) Program: Iron dry (flatbed ironer)
  • Page 21: Parameter Programming, Residual Moisture Control

    Parameter programming 200/270 litres Applies only to machines with RMC. At the works, the tumbler has been set at a specific value, such as: length of running time per coin, temperature, cooling, reversing, etc. These different parameters (number of parameters can vary from type to type) can be changed by turning the key switch at the front of the machine (cannot be engaged when the machine is in operation or the door closed).
  • Page 22: Parameter Programming, Changing Parameters

    Parameter programming 200/270 litres LED: To change : Value, Parameters factory setting Press button for: Cool-down time Longer time Value = Min. sec. 0,0 - 9,6 Shorter time Factory setting: 3,0 Factory setting Store value/ shift to next Value = Degrees C. ± 7°C Temperature 50°...
  • Page 23 Parameter programming 200/270 litres Only on machines with residual moisture control LED: To change : Value, Parameter factory setting Press button for: 16-19 Residual Value = Residual moisture n9 - 30% Higher % moisture Factory setting: n6 control Lower % n6 = 0% + 6 minutes’...
  • Page 24: Error Codes

    Installation 200/270 litres Error codes The machine features automatic error reporting, shown in the form of flashing error codes. Error code Error What is wrong/what needs doing? Brown-out 20% reduction of the voltage from the power station: Can be restarted when current returns to normal. Heating error Fault on inlet sensor or heating element.

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