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Installation - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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1. Remove the packaging materials and tapes
Remove all transportation packaging materials and tapes. Open the doors and ventilate the incubator.
If the outside panels are dirty, clean them with a neutral detergent and wipe it up with a wet cloth.
Do not put the packing plastic bag within reach of children as suffocation may result.
2. Adjust the leveling feet
Extend the leveling feet by rotating them counterclockwise to contact them to the floor. Ensure the
incubator is level.
3. Fix the incubator
Two fixtures are attached to the rear of the frame. Fix the frame to the wall with these hooks and rope or
4. Ground (earth)
Use a power supply outlet with ground (earth) to prevent electric shock. If the power supply outlet is
not grounded, it is necessary to install a ground by qualified engineers.
Never ground the incubator through a gas pipe, water main, telephone line or lightning rod. Such
grounding may cause electric shock in the case of an incomplete circuit.
● Stacked module
When the product is used in stacked module, make sure to fix the incubator by using the stacking kit
Do not climb onto the incubator and do not put articles on the incubator. This may cause injury by
tipping or damage to the incubator. When stacking the incubator, follow the procedure shown on page
● If not used
When the incubator is not used, dispose the water in the humidifying pan and remove any moisture in the
chamber completely. Check that the chamber is completely dry before closing the doors.
● Before moving the incubator
Empty the humidifying pan completely before moving the incubator. Spilled or splashed water may
cause current leakage or electric shock.



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