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Precautions For Cultures - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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● Do not subject to direct air flow
Do not allow the air for air conditioning to hit the incubator or door directly. Direct hit may cause
condensation or contamination.
● Allow adequate space between the cultures
When storing cultures in the chamber, keep the Petri dishes or bottles containing the cultures sufficiently
apart from each other to allow adequate air circulation.
temperature distribution and CO
● Stored materials
Never place acid or alkaline materials or materials that release corrosive gas in the chamber. Such
materials can cause failure resulting from discoloration or corrosion.
● Always shut the inner door
Shut the inner door completely, and then shut the outer door. If the inner door is not closed completely,
even if the outer door is closed, the incubator will fail to exhibit its maximum performance. And close the
doors gently. Rude closing may cause spillage of medium, incomplete closing, or damage of gasket.
● Open/close the doors gently
Ensure you close the doors gently. Robust closing may cause spillage of medium, incomplete closing,
or damage of gasket.
(MCO-18AC(UV) or when an optional UV system kit MCO-18UVS3 is installed).
● Take care of the inside of the outer door.
It may get hot.
● Never lean or press on the glass.
Broken glass due to intentional force may cause injury.
● Alarm
Always investigate the cause and fix the alarm condition immediately when the alarm is activated. Refer
to page 25 for alarm details.
● Fix the tray supports and trays securely
Incomplete installation may cause injury or damage.
concentration in the chamber.
Also, before opening the inner door, check that the UV light is OFF
Inadequate space may result in uneven



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