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Installation Site - Sanyo MCO-19AIC(UV) Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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For correct operation of the Incubator, install it in a location with the following conditions.
When using CO
gas for control, make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Using CO
small room without adequate ventilation may cause gas poisoning or oxygen deprivation. In addition,
when opening the Incubator doors, do not directly inhale the air in the chamber.
Si l'appareil est utilisé dans un evdroit restreint, le niveau de la densite CO
être nocif aux humains. Evitez d'aspirer l'air provenant de l'inérieur de l'appareil quand vous ouverz la
Normal air environment
Install the Incubator in an environment with normal air.
Do not expose to direct sunlight
Do not install the Incubator in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. If the Incubator is
operated in direct sunlight, performance will be adversely affected.
Separate from heat sources
Do not install the Incubator near significant heat sources, such as heaters, boilers, ovens, or autoclaves.
Heat will adversely affect the performance of the Incubator.
Ambient temperature at least 5 C lower than set temperature
The control temperature of the Incubator is at least 5 C higher than the ambient temperature. For
example, if the chamber is controlled at 37 C, the ambient temperature must normally be no more than
32 C. Do not allow the ambient temperature to become too high.
Strong and level floor
Select a site with a strong and level floor. If the floor is uneven or the installation is not level, the Incubator
will be unstable and this may cause accident or injury. To avoid vibration and noise, always make sure
that the installation is stable. An unstable surface may result in vibration or noise.
Install the Incubator at a location that can support the weight. If the floor is not strong enough or if the
installation is insufficient, the Incubator may fall over and cause injury.
Always make sure that the floor is strong, even, and level, and that the Incubator will not tip over.
An insufficient installation may result in injury due to water leakage or the Incubator falling over.
Low humidity
Select a site with a relative humidity of 80% or lower. Using the Incubator in high humidity may result in
current leakage or electric shock.
Do not use the Incubator outdoors. If the Incubator is exposed to rain water, it may result in current
leakage or electric shock.
Never install the Incubator in a moist location, such as near a sink or water line, or where it is
likely to be exposed to water. In addition, do not install it near water or steam pipes. Moisture can
the insulation to deteriorate, which may result in current leakage or electric shock.
No inflammable or corrosive gas
Never install the Incubator in a location where it will be exposed to inflammable or corrosive gas. Doing
so may result in explosion or fire. In addition, insulation may deteriorate due to corrosion of protective
casing, resulting in current leakage or electric shock.
No falling objects
Do not install the Incubator in a location where there is the possibility of objects falling from above. Doing
so may result in damage or accident.
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