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Labels On The Incubators - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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Use a dedicated power source (a dedicated circuit with a breaker) as indicated on the rating label
attached to the unit. A branched circuit may cause fire resulting from abnormal heating.
Connect the power supply plug to the power source firmly after removing the dust on the plug.
A dusty plug or improper insertion may cause a heat or ignition.
Never store corrosive substances such as acid or alkali in this unit if the container cannot be
sealed. These may cause corrosion of inner components or electric parts.
Check the setting when starting up of operation after power failure or turning off of power
switch. The stored items may be damaged due to the change of setting.
Be careful not to tip over the unit during movement to prevent damage or injury.
Prepare a safety check sheet when you request any repair or maintenance for the safety of service


Warning and caution labels are attached to the incubator. The following table describes the labels.
This label is attached to covers that access high-voltage electrical components to
prevent electric shock. Only a qualified engineer or service personnel should be
allowed to open these covers.
This symbol indicates an ultraviolet light (UV) caution.
This symbol indicates that caution is required. Refer to product documentation for
This symbol indicates a hot surface.
This symbol indicates an earth.
This symbol means "ON" for a power switch.
This symbol means "OFF" for a power switch.



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