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Co2 incubator
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15. (MCO-18AC(UV) or when an optional UV system kit MCO-18UVS3 is installed)
Wipe the water level sensor with sterilizing alcohol. Be careful not to leave any residual alcohol. When
cleaning the sensor, take care not to apply excessive force to the lead wires.
16. To reinstall all the attachments, perform the procedure in reverse order from step 11.
17. Fill the humidifying pan with sterile distilled water.
• When installing the fan, insert it securely on the motor shaft (See Fig.10). Lightly turn the fan manually
to make sure that it does not strike the rear panel. Improper insertion may cause poor performance.
• As shown in Fig. 11, set the tray with only the front edge bent down. If the tray is set in the wrong
direction, it may not be level and may become unstable.
Bent down
Fig. 10
Fig. 11


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