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Start-Up Of Incubator - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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When start the test operation or the operation, follow these steps as below.
1. Install the incubator referring to "INSTALLATION" on page 13.
2. Remove all transportation packaging materials and tapes on the attachments in the chamber. Then
clean and sterilize the chamber and inner attachments. Refer to "Cleaning the chamber and inner
attachments" on page 27.
3. Add approximately 1.5 L of sterile distilled water to the humidifying pan. (Refer to page 30.)
4. Turn ON the power switch on the rear left side.
The humidity in the incubator chamber is adjusted to the optimum setting. To prevent condensation on
the surface inside chamber and the inner door, there is a low-temperature area under the humidifying pan
in the bottom of chamber to recondense evaporated moisture. Condensation may occur around the
humidifying pan at the bottom of the chamber, but this does not indicate a problem.


Table of Contents

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