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Water Level Sensor(Mco-18Ac(Uv) Or Mco-18Ac With Mco-18Uvs3) - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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Water level sensor for the humidifying pan is used with the MCO-18AC(UV) or the MCO-18AC with an
optional UV system kit MCO-18UVS3 installed. The sensor is set in active position with respect to the
installation of the humidifying pan. Take care not to damage the sensor at the time of removal or
installation of the humidifying pan.
When the humidifying pan is removed (side view)
Humidifying pan
When the humidifying pan is installed (side view)
Humidifying pan
Note: At the installation, check the humidifying pan is located far depth and the sensor is down.
• Lift the sensor before installing the humidifying pan if the sensor is in lower position after maintenance.
• At the time of installation of humidifying pan, check that the pan is set properly and sensor is down in
the pan. The water level alarm lamp (RH PAN) blinks if the sensor is not down completely. In this case,
set the pan again in adequate location.
• The sensor detects the water level every 30 minutes. In addition, detection is executed after operation of
the outer door. It takes several seconds to detect the water level. Therefore, the water level alarm
lamp may blink a few times after the outer door is closed with the humidifying pan filled sufficiently.
The foreign particles on the water surface adhere to the water level sensor and its fittings by the capillary
action because the sensor is always in the water. The adhered foreign particles degrade the sensor
performance and the water level alarm lamp may blink with the enough water in the humidifying pan.
At the cleaning, take care not transmit the excessive force to the sensor lead wire.
(MCO-18AC(UV) or MCO-18AC with MCO-18UVS3)



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