Sanyo MCO-5M Service Manual

Sanyo MCO-5M Service Manual

Multi-gas incubator
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Service Manual
Multi-gas Incubator
SANYO Electric Biomedical Co., Ltd.


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  • Page 1 Service Manual Multi-gas Incubator FILE No. MCO-5M SANYO Electric Biomedical Co., Ltd. SM9910047...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page Features Structural specification Performance specification Control specification Dimension Electrical parts Temperature calibration Notes when the unit installation Calibration Calibration Control specifications Wiring diagram Circuit diagram Components on PCB Connection on PCB Gas circuit Instructions on replacing main P.C.B. and CO sensor Prevention of contamination Specifications of sensor...
  • Page 3 Effective models This service manual is effective following models. Model name Model code Voltage and Frequency MCO-5M 823 284 51 110-120V 60Hz 823 284 54 220-240V 50Hz...
  • Page 4: Features

    Features 1. Easy operation & smaller installation space This small sized cabinet can be stacked. (548mm of its depth) Usable height (only 1725mm height) even if stacked 3 units. Selectable right or left-hand door. (Please consult with your service representative.) Air-jacket type is suitable for the maintenance.
  • Page 5: Structural Specification

    Structural specification Name Multi gas incubator Model MCO-5M External dimensions W 480 x D 548 x H 575 (mm) Internal dimensions W 350 x D 378 x H 375 (mm) Interior volume 49 L Exterior Acrylic finish baked on zinc galvanized steel...
  • Page 6: Performance Specification

    Performance specification Model MCO-5M Usable environment Temperature: 5 condition Humidity: equal or less than 80%R.H. (When an ambient temperature is equal or lower than 15 , the desired performance may not be obtained) Ambient temperature 5 Temperature control range (ambient temperature; 5 35 ) 0.25...
  • Page 7: Control Specification

    Control specification Model MCO-5M Heating system Direct Heat & Air (DHA) jacket system PID control Temperature control Sensor: Thermister sensor (103AT-1) system Directly detect and control Temperature display LED digital display (resolution: 0.1 ) controller PID control / TC sensor (direct detection in chamber) density display LED digital display (resolution: 0.1%)
  • Page 8: Dimension

  • Page 9: Electrical Parts

    Electrical parts MCO-5M AC110-120V, 60Hz AC220-240v,50Hz sensor Code HS-3C-S3 HS-3C-S3 sensor Code FCX-MW FCX-MW Temp. sensor Type 103AT-1 103AT-1 Rating 10K (25 ) 10K (25 ) Overheat protect sensor Type 103AT-1 103AT-1 Rating 10K (25 ) 10K (25 ) Fan motor...
  • Page 10: Temperature Calibration

    Temperature calibration Note) When Key Lock is ON, calibration mode is disabled. 1 Press CAL key for approx. 5 seconds. 2 The top (the 3 ) digit of temperature display is flashing, other digits will go off. Set the present correct temperature with key and key.
  • Page 11: O 2 Calibration

    Calibration Prior to O calibration performed, make sure internal temperature, humidity, CO density and density are stabilized. calibration should be performed prior to CO calibration. 1. O zero adjustment 1 Press CAL key for approx. 5 seconds. 2 The top (the 3 ) digit of temperature display is flashing, other digits will go off.
  • Page 12: Co 2 Calibration

    Calibration Note) When Key Lock is ON, calibration mode is disabled. Prior to calibration performed, make sure there is not CO in the unit and the internal humidity is stable. If you perform calibration with the internal humidity unstable, you may get the CO density incorrectly.
  • Page 13: Control Specifications

    Control specifications Key and switch : When an alarm LED is flashing and the buzzer sounds, Buzzer and remote alarm output are forcibly turned off. When an alarm lamp flashing and the buzzer does not sound, buzzer remains OFF. Press this key once to enter the device into internal temperature setting mode. Press the key twice to enter the device into CO level setting mode.
  • Page 14 <Ex.1>When O Cylinder A is emptied: When O Cylinder A in current use If O Cylinder B is also emptied, is emptied, operation is switched from operation is switched from Cylinder A Cylinder A to Cylinder B. At the time to Cylinder B.
  • Page 15 Temperature control Setting range 50 C Display range 99.9 C Setting method : Press the SET key. Change to the desired value with key and key, then press the ENT key. The value will be stored and then the device shifts to CO setting mode.
  • Page 16 Overheat protection temperature check mode Setting range 35 C 51 C Setting method : Press SET key for four times to display the overheat protection temperature on PV display and “HI” on CO display. Press SET key again to revert to PV display. Alarm, safety mode and self diagnosis In sensors malfunctions and CO control malfunctions, an error code and PV is...
  • Page 17 connection is faulty In N display is set in 23% or more, O display is set in 17% or less, when O increases 0.5% or more in a minute with more than 75% of O valve opened, “E04” and “Internal temperature” are displayed alternately, and buzzer sounds intermittently.
  • Page 18 : UV lamp malfunction (UV lamp is optionally provided) In the UV lamp lighting time is set in F01, the microcomputer checks the output voltage in UV detect circuit after 25 29 sec. Since the door was open and shut. If the detected value is 0.05V or more, it is counted as “...
  • Page 19 Door alarm Display : When the door is opened, DOOR lamp is lit. When the door is shut, DOOR lamp goes off. Safety operation : When the door is opened, fan motor, CO valve and O valve is OFF. (UV lamp is also OFF if it is optionally fitted). If the door is opened for 60seconds, the heater goes off.
  • Page 20 Function mode F00: Simply pass through. F01: UV lamp lighting time set (initial: 000) (UV lamp is optionally provided) F02: UV lamp 24hours sterilization mode set (UV lamp is optionally provided) F03: Service code input (code: 384) F04: UV lamp life span check (UV lamp is optionally provided) F05: Displays the CO sensor voltage F06: Changes the bottom heater output ratio (initial:5)
  • Page 21 F03: Service code set (Note that those who knows service code (384) should use F04 or the following functions except for F21, 22, 24, 25 and 30.) <Direction Input “F03” on temperature display then press ENT key to show “000” on CO for use>...
  • Page 22 F07: Prevent condensation by changing the electricity output ratio in the door heater. (initial: 6, settable range: 0~19) <Direction Input “F07” on temperature display and press ENT key to show a current SV on for use> display. If there is condensation on the door, sum the value on CO display up and press ENT key to store the value and automatically reverts to PV.
  • Page 23 Initial values in non-volatile memory are follow: Internal temperature SV : 37.0 C level SV : 0.0% level SV : 20.0% UV lamp lighting time SV (F01) : 0 minutes Humidifying heater balance value (F06) Door heater balance value (F07) zero adjustment data (F10) span data (F11) : 100...
  • Page 24 The data to be communication available are follow: Internal temperature (TEMP. PV) Internal CO density (CO Internal O density (O UV lamp turning on period AT sensor current temperature (AT.PV) Door open Humidifying tray water level Internal temperature SV (TEMP. SV) Internal CO SV (CO Internal O...
  • Page 25 F29: Displays a coefficient for O span point adjustment (high density) (initial: 100) Input “F29” on temperature display and press ENT key to show a coefficient for O span point adjustment. Press ENT key or leave it for 90seconds to revert to PV display.
  • Page 26 <SV and buzzer recovery time> Buzzer recovery time after buzzer is cancelled by pressing BZ key Buzzer does not recover Approx. 10min Approx. 20min Approx. 30min Approx. 40min Approx. 50min Approx. 60min *Optional mode: Remote alarm can be linked with buzzer in optional function mode. (The function code is not opened to users) Remote alarm action Buzzer solely activates...
  • Page 27: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring diagram...
  • Page 28: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit diagram...
  • Page 29: Components On Pcb

    Components on PCB...
  • Page 30: Connection On Pcb

    Connection on PCB The following shows connections of connector (CN) on main PCB. Voltage Connector Connects to Usage To supply the power to PCB. #1-2: 8.5VAC Power transformer To supply the power AC36V for #3-4: 18VAC hinge sub heater #3-5: 18VAC #1: 5VDC Power supply To supply the power to PCB.
  • Page 31: Gas Circuit

    Gas Circuit...
  • Page 32: Instructions On Replacing Main P.c.b. And Co

    Instructions on replacing main P.C.B. and CO sensor When the main P.C.B. and/or CO and/or O sensor are replaced, temperature calibration, zero/span adjustment, O zero/span adjustment should be done as following procedures. Recommended write down SV for F06, F07 and F08 prior to replacing main P.C.B. After main P.C.B.
  • Page 33 zero adjustment zero adjustment should be performed before O ) is charged. zero adjustment procedure Press CAL key for approx. 5 seconds or more to blink temperature display and display goes off. Press CAL key again to blink CO display and temperature display goes out.
  • Page 34: Prevention Of Contamination

    Prevention of contamination In servicing for CO incubator, it is important to prevent from contamination. 1 More than 90% of contamination in CO incubator is caused by mold. Mold is a kind of true fungi, it has high increasing power under high temperature and high humidity. Accordingly, it is easy for mold to increase inside CO incubator.
  • Page 35: Specifications Of Sensor

    Specifications of sensor Temperature/Resistance for temperature sensor 103AT-1 The measure of internal temperature (internal temperature, overheat protection) and ambient temperature Temperature Resistance Temperature Resistance Temperature Resistance (k ) (k ) (k ) 27.28 13.57 7.19 26.13 13.06 6.94 25.03 12.56 6.70 23.99 12.09...
  • Page 36: Specifications Of O 2 Sensor

    Specifications of O sensor sensor output voltage (mV) 18.0 27.1 36.4 45.7 55.1 64.7 74.3 84.0 93.9 103.8 113.9 124.1 134.4 144.8 155.3 166.0 176.8 187.8 198.8 210.0 221.4 232.9 244.5 256.3 268.3 280.4 292.7 305.2 317.8 330.6 343.6 356.8 370.2 383.8 397.6...
  • Page 37: Parts Layout

    Parts layout Handle (movable to lower position) Sample air outlet Connecting port A/B for O2/N2 gas pipe Connecting port for CO2 gas pipe Access port...
  • Page 38: Rear View

    O2 valve CO2 valve Filter Connecting port for N2/O2 gas pipe Connecting port for CO2 gas pipe O2 sensor PCB Access port Fan motor O2 sensor PCB Main PCB Current trans (for UV lamp) Remote alarm terminal Main PCB 《Rear view》...
  • Page 39 CO2 sensor O2 sensor O2/N2 gas injection nozzle Water sensor O2/N2 gas injection port...
  • Page 40: Test Data

    Test data <Conditions> ①Ambient temperature:20℃ ②Internal temperature setting:37.0℃ ③CO2 setting:5% ④O2 setting:5% ⑤No load ※Following data are the reference only. ※Following data are the reference only.
  • Page 43 <Conditions> Temperature setting: 37℃ CO2 setting: 5% O2 setting: 5% Volume: 30kg liquid CO2...
  • Page 44 <Conditions> Temperature setting: 37℃ CO2 setting: 5% O2 setting: 5% Volume: 7m3 N2 gas...
  • Page 45 UV lamp kit for replacement 1. UV lamp kit description Socket cover Name UV lamp kit Part code 624 224 0792 Kit contains UV lamp UV lamp 1 pc 624 215 8257 Glow starter Socket cover 2 pcs 624 223 3466 Glow starter 1 pc 624 006 5281...
  • Page 46 3. Initialization of UV lamp accumulated ON time Procedure Indication after operation operated Turn the main power ON. Present temperature is indicated. Press The left digit in the temperature indicator is seconds. flashed. By pressing digit shift key and numerical value shift F 0 3 key, set the figure to F03.
  • Page 47: How To Reverse The Door

    How to reverse the door 1. Unplug the unit and ensure the power is not supplied. Inner door hinge pin Remove the rear panel. 2. Take the inner and outer door off. (1) Take out power panel which is at the front.(4screws) (2) Pull out the inner door hinge pin (2pcs), take the inner door off.
  • Page 48 4. Preparation for the unit (1) Place the cap(M), cap(S) for the screw, the cap (L) for the door lead wire outlet, inner door hinge, inner door latch support and the screw to their each opposite side. Inner door latch support Cap (M) Cap (S) Screw...
  • Page 49: Uv Lamp Kit For Replacement

    MCO-18UVS2 Installation Procedure Kit for MCO-18UVS2 1 UV label 1 UV caution label 1 UV lamp 1 UV door switch caution label 2 Name plate 1 UV lamp cover 1 ballast & glow assy 1 Patent label 6 screws Procedure 4.
  • Page 50 6. Replace the duct. Place the humidifying tray, 8. Remove a cap shown in Fig. 7. then cover the tray with the humidifying tray By using 4 screws enclosed with this kit, cover as shown in Fig. 5 fix the ballast/glow ass’y as shown in Fig. 7. Humidifying tray cover ⑤Ballast Fig.5...
  • Page 51 9. Connect each lead wire connector of ballast/glow ass’y, as shown in Fig. 8. Cover BLUE GREEN Connect after removing the cover. Fig.8 10. Attach the labels. For nameplate, use MCO-5M(UV) label on MCO-5M. Fig.9...
  • Page 52 11. Set the UV lamp ON period through control panel When using UV lamp option, it is needed to set the UV lamp ON period. Refer to the following procedure. Description of operation Indication after operation operated Turn the power switch ON. The current chamber temperature is displayed.
  • Page 53: How To Replace Water Sensor

    How to replace water sensor 1. Unplug the unit and ensure the power is not supplied, then take the rear cover off. 2. Unfasten the connectors for lead wire and take out the insulation for the lead wire hole. Fig.1 3.
  • Page 54: Automatic Gas Switcher (Mco-5Gc *) Mounting Procedure

    Mounting Procedure of MCO-5GC Automatic gas switcher Parts list valve B assy connecting port for tube band (S) gas pipe screw y-pipe assy tube spring washer tube band (L) Mounting procedure 1.Disconnect the power cable and make sure that the unit is not supplied with the power.
  • Page 55 Setting procedure of Control panel. When use MCO-5GC(the automatic switcher of CO gas supply line),it is necessary to set the MCO-5M automatic gas switching mode according to the following procedures. Description of operation Indication after operation operated Turn the power switch ON.
  • Page 56 Stop the gas supply of cylinder A and use cylinder B only for CO gas supply. Turn on the power switch of MCO-5M and set 37decC and 0%. Turn on CO gas supply line indicator with CO gas supply line switching key.
  • Page 57: Stacked Module

    Stacked module This unit can be stacked by using the stacking kit. Following shows the procedure for stacking the unit. Consult with a Sanyo representative or agent prior to stacking procedure as such work involves dangers. WARNING Select a level and sturdy floor having enough strength for installation of stacked module.

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