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Precautions When Using The Uv Lamp - Sanyo MCO-18AC UV Instruction Manual

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Precautions when using the UV lamp

The clauses below are applicable when the model is MCO-18AC(UV) or an optional UV system kit
MCO-18UVS3 is installed.
Do not look directly at UV light. UV light is harmful to the eyes.
 Always use the humidifying pan and humidifying pan cover.
The humidifying pan and cover prevent UV light from escaping. Always use them even when not
humidifying. To check whether the UV lamp is lit, open the outer door and then press the door switch with
the inner door still closed. Visible blue light can be confirmed from the front of the humidifying pan cover.
UV light is harmful to the eyes, so do not light the UV lamp when the inner door or humidifying pan cover
is open.
 Be careful when handling the UV lamp.
There is a UV lamp inside of the duct. Be careful not to damage it when installing or removing chamber
attachments or the humidifying pan.



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